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Sustainable Liveable Intelligent Buildings



As part of my learning process, I love to attend as many architecture workshops, outside university lectures, RIBA seminars or conferences as possible.

Last evening I have attended at Sandman Signature Gallowgate, the “Sustainable Liveable Intelligent Buildings” CIBSE North East Technical Presentation presented by Professor Derek Clements-Croome from the University of Reading. This was an eye opening experience as when we hear intelligent buildings, most of us, think about hi-tech buildings with integrated systems of all sort but in reality a simple igloo can be understood as an intelligent building as it provides an intelligent, clear and simple response to architectural challenges.

If you look back at the title of this presentation, it says “liveable”. This should be one of the main focuses in intelligent building design as we are making buildings for people and they should be able to enjoy the experience and be as comfortable as possible. Ventilation and natural light play an important role in this as it can influence concentration, mood, health, attitude or happiness of the inhabitants. Prof. Derek Clements-Croome shared a diagram with us that revealed the steps we need to take when building intelligent spaces. First steps is to consider the inhabitants of the building, then you look at the internal environment created, afterwards you consider the building and then you look at external environment and the passer by/ observer’s point of view. This diagram refers to the integration of an intelligent building within its surroundings but at the same time integrating the people within. More about integration and intelligent responses can be learn by studying nature and its ways of answering and adapting to challenges.

Indeed, intelligent buildings and structures do refer to state of the art technologies that can be integrated within every aspect of the living and experiencing process but this is for another topic on integrated technology in future houses.

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