The struggle to balance your ideas and tutors’ guidance

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The struggle to balance your ideas and tutors’ guidance



As an architecture student you always fight a battle between your own ideas and concepts and what the people around you see and think about your work. Architecture is a mathematical art so, even though some regulations apply to everyone, your views can be very different from what is expected from you.

There are tutors that help you improve your concept and then there are the ones that try to impose their ideas over the concept that a student is trying to work out and you should always listen to what they have to say and try to wrap that around your own ideas instead of completely changing your design to accommodate this new aspects that don’t belong to you and don’t represent you. There are 3 types of students: 1. the ones that do exactly what the tutors say in order to score high grades; 2. the ones that don’t care that much about either grades or guidance and only want to pass; 3. the ones that don’t care about grades and maintain their own personal signature throughout their designs. In my opinion, the last category is the one that has the highest chance to succeed in this industry.

I find it better to have a outside the box, controversial design that creates movement and chat about it rather than getting the highest grade with an inside the box process behind it that has been done thousands of times before. This is one of the reasons I love Newcastle University, you are allowed and even encouraged to develop your own style and read between the lines in order to produce an original and very personal project.

Remember that university lasts for just few years and after that you won’t have your tutor next to you to guide you. Develop your style and stick to your ideas!

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